This Is What I Did with AI

3 min readJul 20, 2023

Are you an AI optimist like me? Let’s share how we’re using AI as a tool for creators.

I’m reviewing notes from a December 2022 interview with a ghostwriting client; our conversation topic makes me laugh.

“Steve, I know you’re a tech geek like me,” the client says near the end of our meeting. “Have you been paying attention to ChatGPT?”

I’m laughing when I read the interview transcript because we’re only seven months following the ChatGPT prototype launch and its record-setting sprint toward 100 million users within two months. Implementing GenAI is a priority for business leaders. A growing list of ChatGPT competitors like Google Bard, Tome, Claude 2 from Anthropic, and the newly released LLaMA Chatbot from Meta, is transforming large language models from the domain of tech researchers to mainstream consumers.

It’s exciting to experience the mainstreaming of GenAI and watch different consumers interact with AI tech differently. One more thing stands out from that December 2022 client conversation about GenAI. From day one of our GenAI era, I’m describing ChatGPT as a tool for creators.

“To me, tech is a tool, “I share with my client. “…, I don’t look at OpenAI and say, hey, I’m becoming irrelevant as a content creator. I see it as a tool I can use to do work better. I never see technology as creating a dystopian future. I think tech still needs guidance and the human touch.”

Jo Shoesmith, the Chief Creative Officer at Amazon, is talking about the potential of AI to craft great stories at the 2023 P&G Signal Summit.

“AI is not just the tech itself but how talented copywriters and art directors used it this week,” Shoesmith shared with the P&G Signal audience.

I love how Jo Shoesmith, the Chief Creative Officer at Amazon, talks about AI as a tool for talented creators. Shoesmith’s call to action for creators to share stories of how they use AI inspires me.

That’s the purpose driving my This Is What I Did With AI column. I want to share my AI journey and how I use it and continue learning from other creators. We’re all waist-deep in the GenAI era. We’ll have a lot of ideas and experiences to share.




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