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4 min readJul 31, 2023

Are you becoming A.I. literate? Let’s share how we’re scaling our creativity with A.I.

Are you becoming A.I. literate? Learn the latest insights in A.I. from the 2023 Black Tech Week in Cincinnati.

I’m a Latino content creator delivering high-impact content from ghostwriting to podcast scripting. I’m committed to continuous learning and D.E.I. initiatives in workplaces. These driving factors bring me back to Black Tech Week in Cincinnati.

Of course, I’m learning the latest insights from Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) thought leaders like Ajay Bam, C.E.O. of the in-video insights platform Vyrill, and Nicole Alexander, Global Head of Marketing at Meta and Professor at N.Y.U.

We’re working in the era of GenAI. Business leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs must become A.I. literate. I’m increasing my A.I. literacy from BTW23. I’m also learning A.I. concepts that support D.E.I. initiatives.

Will AI level the business playing field?

Let’s share how we’re scaling our creativity with A.I.

If you’re a tech advocate like me, you’re using the GenAI platforms ChatGPT and its many competitors like Google Bard, Tome, Claude 2 from Anthropic, and Meta’s newly released LLaMA Chatbot. I’m using GenAI platforms to efficiently scale my creative services and provide additional value to clients. One central idea regarding GenAI has become clear to me. After just seven months following the ChatGPT prototype launch, we’re experiencing the impact of Moore’s law. New A.I. products and services are entering the market, and each new offering lands at a more affordable price.

“Generative A.I. levels the playing field,” says Alexander, encouraging startup founders in the BTW23 audience to take advantage of new accessibility and opportunities to collaborate with Meta. “You no longer need to be a multinational corporation with a multi-million-dollar budget to get an app aboard.”

One needs to be A.I. literate to take advantage of the increasing accessibilities and opportunities at Meta and other tech companies.

Alexander works on this as an N.Y.U. Stern School of Business professor.

“Individuals coming out of the university, whether grad students or executives, need to understand the…




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