This Is What I Did with A.I. 12.9.2023

3 min readDec 9, 2023

Are you an A.I. native? How are you delivering value to your buyers with A.I.?

I’m diving into Gemini, Google DeepMind’s latest and largest A.I. model.

Out of the numerous interviews and summit presentations from business leaders and technologists speaking about artificial intelligence (A.I.) this year, there’s one talk that I consistently go back to and review my notes on.

Jo Shoesmith, the Chief Creative Officer at Amazon, is talking about the potential of A.I. to craft great stories at the 2023 P & G Signal Summit.

“A.I. is not just the tech itself but how talented copywriters and art directors used it this week,” Shoesmith shared with the summit audience.

Shoesmith’s call-to-action for creators to share how they use A.I. tools is top of mind today. I’m testing Amazon Q, Amazon’s new generative A.I. platform focused on work tasks. After twelve months of using multiple A.I. chatbots focused on consumer tasks like writing, working with a B2B-oriented A.I. bot is exciting.

What I’m Doing in A.I.:

I’m in my AWS dashboard learning best practices for content creation studios using Amazon Q. Remember, Amazon Q focuses on work tasks, not creative content creation.

Amazon Q can scale AWS services like EC2 cloud computing, S3 data retrieval and storage, and EFS cloud storage. Increasing efficiencies across these critical operations platforms will deliver the profit margin increases you’ll need to be successful in 2024 and beyond. I’m excited to learn how a content creation study can best use Amazon Q to scale efficiently.

What I’m Learning in A.I.:

I frequently use Bard, the text-based GenAI chatbot from Google, sourcing the A.I. model to help research topics for the books and speeches I ghost for buyers. I’m diving into Gemini, Google DeepMind’s latest and largest A.I. model, and its response to OpenAI’s GPT-4 platform. I’m experiencing firsthand how Gemini upgrades Bard’s research capabilities. Reading the benchmark and test results of Gemini 1.0 and its three different sizes, Ultra, Pro, and Nano, is inspirational. In the domain of massive multitask language understanding (MMLU), the Gemini team at Google DeepMind reveals Gemini Ultra scores above human experts. Granted, reviews of Gemini by A.I. researchers like MI Technology…




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