This Is What I Did with A.I. 1.4.23

4 min readJan 4, 2024

Are you an A.I. student? How are you learning best practices in A.I.? Do your buyers want you to have A.I. certification?

Let’s share our A.I. experiences via this column. Our A.I. journey is just getting started.

What’s your business outlook for 2024?

No matter your industry. No matter the stage of your startup. There are three critical concepts that business leaders repeat to one another. Be agile, lean, and rapid to scale your business.

Are you aiming for business success in 2024? Start identifying the A.I. tools your teams need to be more agile and leaner and to work more rapidly.

Identify the pain points in your processes and systems needing A.I. support. It’s a fantastic way to launch a new year and increase opportunities for business success.

What I’m Doing in A.I.:

During the twelve months since the debut of the A.I.-powered language chatbot ChatGPT, creators have been testing A.I. chatbots for content creation.

I’m looking ahead to the next twelve months, and business leaders will use A.I. tools to solve pain points throughout their operations.

I’ll repeat the frequently asked year-end question one more time. What’s your business outlook for 2024? From today onward, your answers will always include A.I.




Steve Ramos is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in storytelling. He previously worked as an award-winning journalist.