Pod Discovery(s)

3 min readDec 12, 2023

What’s a pod discovery? They’re new strategies and technologies helping podcasters scale their shows.

A spirit for discoveries in the world of podcasting drives the Pod Discovery(s) columns.

What’s a pod discovery? Practically speaking, it’s the name of the Cincinnati-based podcast festival I co-founded in 2018. I remember crafting a phrase that captures the spirit of podcasters discovering new concepts, strategies, and technologies to help them scale their series. The Pod Discovery(s) festivals are more than static lectures and shows. The festivals deliver interactive design sprints and hands-on workshops. They’re collaborative experiences, which make the opportunities for transformative discoveries even greater.

A spirit for discoveries in the world of podcasting also drives the Pod Discovery(s) columns that I’m posting to my Original Feed and Medium sites.

I want to share how podcast creation products and services from Steve Ramos Media (SR Media) address buyers’ needs. Look for ideas and lessons from SRM customer stories and use cases. What new podcast technologies am I learning? What am I doing with my own podcast? Pod Discovery(s) columns will deliver these insights week after week. These are fast-changing times in entertainment and media. Podcasting is central to dramatic changes in audience behaviors and customer desires. Trust me. We’ll have a lot to discuss in future columns.

What I’m Doing in Podcasts:

Along with fellow creators and entrepreneurs, I’m reviewing 2023 podcast work and crafting new strategies for 2024. Podcast products and services from SR Media include Podcast Story Kits, Podcast Content Creation Packages, and Podcast Communications Guides. These service packages involve additional benefits, extensive timelines, high values, and multiple deliverables.

I’m reviewing podcast creation use cases to determine if buyers meet their goals and needs with SR Media’s service packages.

Do the timelines for Podcast Story Kits need to be shorter? Do buyers consider the pricing a great deal? Are buyers receiving the deliverables they need to be successful?

I’m crafting Mini Podcast Coaching sessions to bring higher value to buyers by offering a first-step product with an affordable…




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