How Reinventors Deliver Sustainable Innovation and What You Can Learn from Them

5 min readJul 13, 2023

Tech leaders share creative insights at the 2023 P&G Signal Summit. Here are Four Action Steps to boost your business.

Tech leaders share creative insights at the 2023 P&G Signal Summit.

The business conferences I attend always land with a compelling slogan that pulls you into the auditorium. The 2023 P&G Signal Summit delivers a catchy title worthy of the 16th most valuable company in the world. Reset the Bar. It’s not a specific direction or strategy for changing business operations or personal processes. Reset the Bar is a creative signpost and a funnel channeling the insights presented by P&G employees and trusted partners to inspire the business managers and creative professionals onsite in Cincinnati and the virtual audience.

Jon R. Moeller, President and CEO of P&G, sums up the summit’s fundamental value in an interview at the start of the day-long event.

“The things you’re going to hear are not answers or directions,” Moeller says, speaking on the auditorium stage. “They are thoughts and examples that have worked for other people…view them as input into your thinking.”

I’m a content creator at Steve Ramos Media, delivering high-impact assets like experiences, long-form books, and podcasts to business leaders and entrepreneurs. I’ve even created experience content for P&G as a vendor. I’m listening to Accenture CEO Julie Sweet share with Signal’s audience the importance Accenture places on hires who embrace continuous learning. It’s inspirational to hear because it’s the critical reason I’ve become a repeat P&G Signal attendee.

Listening and learning from P&G Signal presenters helps me answer client questions and solve customer problems with brevity and clarity.

Event programmers outline P&G Signal into four programming pillars: Digital Acumen, Supply Chain, Employee Value Equation, and Sustainability.

Faithful to Moeller’s call to action, I’m embracing P&G Signal as a holistic ideas festival delivering actionable inspiration applicable to how we create, live, and work. Learning from top innovators and thought leaders in marketing, media, and tech is a unique opportunity to launch new projects and test fresh concepts in the year’s second half.




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