How Innovators are Transforming Rust Belts into Silicon Hubs and What You Can Learn from Them.

6 min readJun 27, 2023

Business leaders share growth strategies at the 2023 Ohio Tech Summit. Here are Three Action Steps to help scale your business.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are working to transform Ohio into a tech hub. Learn strategies to scale your business—photo of Ohio Tech Summit 2023 by SR Media.

We’re Building the Silicon Heartland. It’s more than a catchphrase. It’s an action step helping business founders and leaders innovate how they create, work, and live. When business and political decision-makers transform a languishing rust belt into a high-performing silicon hub, they can overcome all economic headwinds and deliver high returns on investment.

I’m a content creator who provides story-building workshops for business leaders and entrepreneurs. Continuous learning about innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship is a priority for me. It’s the driving factor bringing me to the 2023 Ohio Tech Summit on The Ohio State University campus.

I want to learn from startup founders, political staff, and corporate leaders working to transform the Midwest Rust Belt into something close to a Silicon Tech Hub. Their actions and ideas will help me efficiently scale my creative services enterprise.

Ohio Tech Summit panelists cover multiple topics around diversity, funding, and tech-enabled workers. Whether corporate employees or startup entrepreneurs, they unite on the principle that a Rust Belt state like Ohio claims an existing infrastructure and groundwork for business success. Their concepts and operations transform existing groundwork into a more innovative, productive, and valuable business climate.

Panelists at the Ohio Tech Summit discuss the importance of capital, community, and culture — photo by SR Media.

Transforming Rust Belts Requires Investments in Capital, Community, and Culture.

From the exhibition floor to multiple panels, there are three critical topics Ohio Tech Summit attendees discuss throughout the day.

Scaling existing enterprises via technology, attracting innovative businesses to the region, and launching new tech startups revolves around capital, community, and culture. If you are successful in these three areas, your opportunities for transforming a rust belt into a silicon hub increase.




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