Case Study Post: Forensic Myles

3 min readJun 20, 2020

Growing the True Crime Podcast ‘Forensic Myles’

Myles Zernik-Traxler is the creator of Forensic Myles, a companion podcast to the cult-favorite show, Forensic Files.

Industry: Media

Industry: Podcasting

Creator: Myles Zernik-Traxler

Co-hosts: Sean Heinsen and Myles Zernik-Traxler

Source: PoD Discovery(s), SR Media


Forensic Myles is a companion podcast to the cult-favorite show, Forensic Files. Audiences look to complement their show fandom with new stories around the reported crimes. We consistently engage Forensic Files fans and real crime buffs with further information. We believe that true crime is a growing podcast genre. At Forensic Myles, we are striving to grow our audience, connect with our listeners, generate revenue, and produce compelling content.


As true-crime podcasters, our eyes are opened each day to the pain and injustices of the world. We know that we must do something to help those that have experienced stories similar to the ones that we share in our Pod. That is why we have partnered with Shop for Good to add a round-up button that will donate funds directly to the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Forensic Myles has also donated to (and will continue to donate to) Black Lives Matter — 50% of profits from our #BLM masks go to BLM-related causes.


Our goal is to establish the Forensic Myles Co-hosts as innovators in the world of podcasting. Our case study will share Forensic Myles processes for growth using real-world costs and timeline.


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