White Lotus resort manager Armond (Murray Bartlett) serves and squabbles with wealthy guests, including tech executive Nicole Mossbacher (far right), and her husband Mark (Steve Zahn), in the HBO limited series ‘The White Lotus.’ Photo courtesy of HBO.

Oscar Isaac transforms a somber gambler into an unlikely hero in filmmaker Paul Schrader’s revenge drama ‘The Card Counter.’

Filmmakers Brandon and Lance Kramer tell an inspiring story of cable news commentator Van Jones fighting for prison reform via their documentary “The First Step.”

Comic Jessica Watkins walks across America in the indie documentary “SPECIALish.”

Fun music doc “What Drives Us” pairs Dave Grohl and fellow Rock stars for stories about their first tours.

The documentary “Crip Camp” transports audiences to the early ’70s summer camp that ignited the disability rights movement.

MIT Researcher Joy Buolamwini provides the heart and soul igniting the tech documentary “Coded Bias.”

Director Jed Rothstein emphasizes the human drama in the documentary “WeWork: or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn.”

Melinda Gates, philanthropist, business leader, and global women and girls advocate, joins author and podcaster Kelly Corrigan for an inspiring SXSW discussion.

‘NUEVO RICO,’ the animated short from filmmaker Kristian Mercado, makes its world premiere at SXSW Online 2021.


Inventive marketing professional with over 15 years of industry experience. Created over 300 business stories for major media brands. steve@steveramosmedia.com

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